Monday, February 17, 2014

Poem Putus Cinta

I've decided,he will text me first,
Until then, I'll brace my self not to text him

I'll love and respect myself first,
Therefore, i will not getting hurt.

I try to find his flaws,
So that i will not fond of him more,

There are always some good memories of him


I'll be nicer,
The unbeatable nice,
I'll be prettier,
Prettier than he can imagine
I'll not wearing how i used to wear the scarf
So that he will glance at me twice

I'll make more good deeds
I'll make more good things
I'll travel more
I'll make plan more

so that I'll forget him

Just one crying emoticon there
I'll cry less

I'll pray more InsyaAllah
I'll make a lot of money

so that i have nothing to regret when i'm giving him in

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