Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why u chose Islam????

One day,my frens going to a talk.. a small talk.. this talk about why u chose islam??
Usually we notice , that muallaf or our new bros n sis converted to islam.. because islam is peace and very adil..yes that’s true..
But , I never thought that this one white man said he converted to islam because islam is a challenging religion… he loves challenge.. so he converted to islam.. have u ever notice that??

we should be greatfull coz we already born in this hidayah.. ISLAM...


According with what I have seen Islam actually for other people that non muslim.. is a very tough religion and very complete.. why I said that.? Because all my Chinese frens always sigh when I said I want to go to solat.. they feel that solat is troublesome to us and limited our time.. malam2 pon ad sembahyang lagi ka??? Pagi puasa lagi.. malam sembahyang lagi.. aish…not even that actually non muslim doesn’t believe that we fast for the whole day without eating and drinking.. they thought that we just consume water at the day.. that’s why we can bertahan… but when I explained to them that we consume nothing at the day.. they said.. aiya mati laaa… impossible… why we can bertahan?? It is because we have iman.. faith… and we used to it.. so it doesn’t give any problem to us anyway…
so back to the main topic.. are u think that our religion is a challenging religion??? Think about that.. if we can fulfill all the obligatory perfectly (khusyuk) and can against our desire… MashaAllah..its actually the biggest jihad already… so, are u brave enough and dare for challenges??? Make islam as ur way of life laa….

Yes ..I have seen it..…And again thank you Allah because of this hidayah... 3.05 am


Assalamulaikum w.b.t

Ramadhan menjelma lagi…
Alhamdulillah berkat bulan ramadhan ini..
Dapat juga ku mempublish post pertama untuk blog..
Dengan kesibukan yang terlampau ( ai melampau lampau ayat aku ni) kerana aku tengah mengambil short sem … dan dalam Ramadhan kareem ini juga sem aku akan habis dan aku akan menghadapi final exam..
Mak ayah doakan saya..
Sahabat2.. doakan aku..

Afifah's Money!

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